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We invite you to use this resources page to learn more about the features, benefits and the value of the Google Local Services platform. Please re-visit this page from time to time to get stay informed of recent changes and to review new resources we put together to help you leverage Google Local Services.

Eligible Verticals for Google Local Services

Animal Shelter
Appliance Repair
Bankruptcy Attorney
Beauty School
Business Attorney
Carpet Cleaning
Countertops Professional
Contract Attorney
Criminal Attorney
Dance Instructor
Disability Attorney
Driving Instructor
DUI Attorney
Estate Attorney
Family Attorney
Fencing Professional
Financial Planners
First Aid Training
Flooring Professional
Foundations Professional
Funeral Home
Garage Door
House Cleaner
Intellectual Property Attorney
Immigration Attorney
Junk Removal
Labor Attorney
Language Instructor
Litigation Attorney
Lawn Care
Malpractice Attorney
Massage School
Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Trainer
Pest Control
Pet Adoption
Pet Boarding
Pet Grooming
Pet Training
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Attorney
Siding Professional
Tax Attorney
Tax Specialist
Traffic Attorney
Tree Services
Window Cleaning
Window Repair
Weight Loss Center
Yoga Studio

How many leads do you need?

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Life Time Value of a Customer

Change the values on the form below to see the potential lifetime value of a lead

Note: This tool is meant to provide an approximation.

Revenue generated from initial lead
Number of years to be considered for LTV
Number of service calls per year
Average ticket of a service call
Maintenance contract (annual charge)
Future system install (anticipated revenue)
Gross profit


Value per lead ($ profit)

Average cost per lead
Closing ratio on leads


Customer aquisition cost ($)


Your customer’s company name
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Your customer’s email
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