Our client, a leader in the hair accessories industry, offering high quality wigs, toppers, hairpieces and hair extensions. Available in both human and synthetic materials.

The Issue

With current showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia locked down due to the Pandemic, the customer needed to pivot and feature the latest hair industry trends, designs and products online for delivery across all of Australia & New Zealand.

While the client had a stable online presence, they needed to scale their online advertising efforts and increase online sales and business. After running their campaigns with another agency for several months, they noticed they were not making the best of their budget and decided to reach out to SearchKings for help in order to increase their monthly revenue and ROAS.

The Goals

Increase monthly sales

Run several monthly promotions and adjust budget accordingly

Strong remarketing presence

Maintain ROAS(4:1 before joining SearchKings)

The Approach

One of the biggest challenges the client was facing was running even budgets throughout the month. They run multiple promotions per month on average and these days get very busy.

Understanding this and how budget limitation could play a big part in a situation with this massive search volume, we decided to structure our efforts as follows:

Campaign Categories

Segmenting campaigns by search intent allowed us to allocate budget more effectively based on the different conversion rates and ROAS these campaigns bring:

For example, we might break down budgets as follows:

Promo vs Non-Promo Budgets

During non-promo days, budget would be much more limited to ensure there is enough budget for higher demand days while keeping an online presence considering their particular buyer’s funnel.

During promo days, budget would be increased 5X to allow presence until promotion ran out.

Promotion Extensions & Merchant Promotions

Match promo days with Merchant Promotions in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads to ensure promotions are displayed in Ad Copy.


The client’s typical customer (62%) takes 2 to 12+ interactions (visits to the website) before making a purchase. Understanding this and the fact our client offers over 1,000 styles and colours makes it imperative to have remarketing presence, but not just any remarketing.

Dynamic Remarketing through Smart Shopping campaigns allowed us to showcase relevant and previously viewed wigs through the Display Network, making it possible for our ads to be directly targeted and with more opportunity to convert into sales.

Standard Remarketing banners were also put into place to ensure standard branded message as a compliment.

The Results

1st month gross sales
Remarketing Audience
2021 Expansion & Sell
Across North America