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The Challenge

Justo, a full-service online real estate broker, was looking to grow their brand awareness in their local market with specific goals for reaching both home buyers and sellers.

Justo Challenge

The Strategy

Video sequence campaigns to tell their story and showcase the different values of their service to both buyers and sellers, creating a narrative that helped differentiate Justo from their competition. Meanwhile, non-skippable video ads created more awareness of their services at the top of the funnel and remarketing helped keep Justo top-of-mind once users had visited the website.

Justo Strategy

The Results

A 20% increase in overall account conversions over the previous period, including an even greater 22% in phone calls generated. The YouTube channel tracked more than 240K total video views and 685K impressions, helping Justo to become a recognized brand on par with their competitors in their core markets, while driving an addition 1900+ clicks to the website.

Justo Results