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The issue

While Diamond & Diamond was one of the largest and most prominent advertisers in Ontario, they were lacking a digital presence. Accident victims were increasingly looking for legal help online and Diamond & Diamond needed a strong digital marketing strategy to take advantage of this new reality.

The goals

At SearchKings we take pride in the relationships we have with our customers. We treat every customer like our first.

Generate Positive ROI

From online marketing

Maintain Brand Standards

Across all forms of media

Dominate Digital Marketplace

Compliment existing offline marketing

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The approach

With 10 offices across Ontario, we needed to ensure that customers were finding their local Diamond & Diamond location while maintaining keyword relevance across practice areas. Click prices are very competitive and a strong Google Ads quality score can be the difference between a $10 or $50 click.

  • Implemented a strict Google Ads geo-targeting structure
  • Utilized advanced remarketing audience targeting based on user engagement
  • Developed engagement ads for remarketing campaigns

The results

Leads from Google Ads have proven to be the most cost effective method of advertising to date.

diamond-diamond Result Image

Google Ads drove more quality leads with a lower cost per acquisition than any other advertising source.

Jeremy Diamond, of Diamond & Diamond

By embracing an aggressive digital marketing strategy, Diamond & Diamond haveified themselves as the most dominant personal injury lawyers in Southern Ontario.

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